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Lawful Evil Female Half-orc
Level 16 Sorcerer

Str 13   Dex 12   Con 14   Int 14   Wis 13   Cha 19   Hit Points: 90

Status: Alive
Campaign Appearances:
        The Golden Sword

This infamous sorceress, or witch as many call her, has lived in the mountains on the Isle of Minothrad for many decades. So long that there are few who live on the island that can recall when she first appeared. She has been described as a ancient, ugly, and coarse cackling wizardress; just like those described in tales to put fear in small children. Haggai is no children's story however. There is more to the tales of missing children, guards, hunters, and adventurers that have disappeared on the Isle of Minothrad than fanciful tales.
    Haggai is wicked, and quite crazy some say. She has self-confessed to the cannibalism of those that she took displeasure to and acknowledges the possibility of her involvement in the various strange curses which afflict those that have slighted or wronged her. Though none have suffered her wrath that did not in some way do her ill, the legends of her evil, black magic fill nearly any conversation in which her name is whispered.
    On the other hand, there are those who say that Haggai is a savior in disguise. Some have sought her out as a sage of ancient lore and lost cures. Many say that she holds the key and antidote to many illnesses for which there is no healing. Some have sought her, seeking to speak with the dead and the spirits of those long forgotten; and there are even tales of her raising the dead itself.
    Such favors do not always come without a price, but those who seek her usually have no where else to go and do not mind the small favors that she asks in return for her mystical powers.
    There is almost a cult-like following of hers that works in the city of Minothrad. These people work beneath the notice of the city's officials, and without instruction from Haggai. There are two known followings though. Those that worship her as a prophetess of Zhakrin and carry out evil deeds and darkness in her name, and then there are those who worship her as a patron of the ancient knowledge, healing arts, and mystic ways. Though there are often clashes between these two groups, accounts are often settled quietly so as not to raise the suspicions of the city guard.