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The Golden Sword

Many a good evening was spent in the company of college friends through-out this campaign. Numerous visiting characters lent a colorful aspect to the adventures herein. Join Taloc, Janos, L'Kari, Gowron, and many others as they travel throughout the Wild Coast of the West, the flooded Shayohin Plains, and the United Kingdoms.

Campaign Members

    Janos (Dead)
    Kardios (Dead)
    Torus Blackburn (Dead)

    Bedwyr ap Gwyddno (Retired)
    Garm (Retired)
    Gowron (Retired)
    Ishara (Retired)
    Khazid (Retired)
    L'Kari (Retired)
    Minalde (Retired)
    Nazim (Retired)
    Papal Feif (Retired)
    Raelyn (Retired)
    Taloc (Retired)

People and Personalities

This is a collection of non-player-character personalities which our adventurers have met and delt with in the past. Most of this information is limited to what the players know of each personality.