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Sir Han Hammarrin

Lawful Good Male Daernarthor Dwarf
Level 7 Ranger
Level 8 Cleric

Str 15   Dex 12   Con 16   Int 11   Wis 16   Cha 13   Hit Points: 112

Status: Alive
Campaign Appearances:
        Cleansing Flame

An adventurer from the Clans of Hallanstaen. In those days he was part of a ranger patrol whose duty was to give advanced warning of orc marauders and to keep an eye on the clan movements of evil beings. During his duty he heard many a heroic story, including those of Tadhg von Artigbrauer, an adventuring dwarf also from the lands of Hallanstaen. Inspired at the good that he heard was being done at the hand of Tadhg, he left his homeland to seek fame in the same fashion. Traveling to Tel-Akbar he learned more on his way of the fame of his fellow Daernarthor kin, and made his way to the Temple of the Deepwatchers of Lathidus. Admittedly, his knowledge of Lathidus was little compared to the knowledge he had of the forest, mountains, and the underworld beneath the surface. Learning that this was indeed the same chapter of the Deep Watchers that Tadhg would occasionally call upon for assistance, he bided his time in Tel-Akbar, learning the scriptures of the Lathidus, the Sun Lord, and honing his blade upon the orcish hordes (AC12881) that ravaged the surrounding lands in those days.
    His chance came to serve alongside Tadhg on an expedition deep beneath the earth, to bring righteous battle to the evil Drakher elves. Twice he ventured into those lands as Tadhg and companions attempted to secure a powerful magic item, nurture the rebellion of Shistar worshipers over the dominant and evil worshipers of Brakah, in the hope that a relationship with priests of Shistar would give them a safe foothold in the underworld to bring the word of Lathidus into the dark. Alongside Tadhg he also participated in the valliant rescue of some champions of good from a Drakher prison.
    His experiences in the underworld established him with a reputation as a reliable and hard-working servant of Lathidus, dedicated to taking battle against evil, even beneath the earth.
    Han is golden haired, with his beard plaited with braids. His horned helmet has engraved upon it the mighty hammer of his family's crest, a hammer which he has earned the right to bear for his valiant deeds.