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Captain Henonon of Storn

Lawful Good Male Human
Level 11 Fighter

Str 18   Dex 16   Con 17   Int 15   Wis 12   Cha 11   Hit Points: 123

Status: Dead
Campaign Appearances:
        Cleansing Flame

Hailing from Krakatos, Henonon and his friends aspired to become famous adventurers like that of Mith-Manan, a renouned warrior/mage from the same town. After a couple years of successful adventuring his party was traveling in the mountains when they were ambushed by a pack of trolls. The entire party was slain except for Henonon who escaped down a rugged cliff side. After several months spent drinking away his fortune and memories of the terrible event, he decided to travel to Tel-Akbar to give a try at becomming a superior in the ranks of that great cities militia. Therod found him first though and upon hearing of Henonon's hatred for troll-kind, he instantly hired him into his still forming mercenary troupe. Henonon is straw haired. He stands nearly six feet tall, is well muscled and has strong facial features. Most find him a charismatic person and quick to take charge of a given situation. Henonon's preferred weapon is the bastard sword, which he prides himself as being one of the best at its use.
    Henonon is the nephew of the Lord of Storn Hold, in the Eastern Empire.