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Fellow Isarion Aedenidar

Lawful Neutral Male Galiadre Elf
Level 9 Psion

Status: Alive
Campaign Appearances:
        Virtue Sin Love

A Fellow of the Gray Cabal of Hana. Isarion is pale skinned, his features pure and smooth like finely sculpted alabaster marble. He conducts himself with grace, great reserve and formality. Gifted with a powerful mind, Isarion is accustomed to possessing insight that others lack and he has developed a somewhat lofty opinion of his skills. It is not entirely undeserved, Isarion has advanced far in his training and many wonder how long it will be before he ascends to the rank of Proloriate. However, Isarion bides his time. For more than two-hundred years he has held the rank of Fellow, and quietly observed the political web of the Gray Cabal. He is highly favored by Proloriate Nur al Din, his sponsor from long ago.