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Duke Isiagon

Lawful Good Male Human
Level 8 Aristocrat
Level 6 Warrior

Status: Dead
Campaign Appearances:
        Ashes of Arend

An experienced warrior from the days of the Black Scourge, Duke Isiagon raised himself from the position of bannerman to commander. After his triumphant rebellion against the occupying forces of Zhakrin, following the Black Scourge, he was given the post of watch commander in the city of Blue Water. Later, he was nominated to lead the retaking of Hawkydin from insurgents. Successful, he was awarded a dukedom over the city and its nearby lands.
    Isiagon is a fair and cunning man. His subjects praise him for his fair hand and his vigilant efforts against corruption and oppression.
    Duke Isiagon was assassinated under mysterious circumstances in the year 12885, spuring the Church of Daer-Koch to launch an investigation. Various clues led to the town of Garrot, a small river-town about two days southeast of Hawkydin.