Called the One and Mighty, the Warrior, the Thunderer, and the Fire King. Daer-Koch's portfolio includes aspects of elemental fire, strength, great deeds, glory, heroism, adventure, combat, valor, bravery, tactics, and excessive displays of power.

Domains: Chaos, Destruction, Fire, Glory, Law, Missionary, Strength, Summoning*, Vengeance, War
*This is a prestige domain.

The deity Daer-Koch (pronounced, Dare coke) is known as a god of, before anything else, glory. Worshipers of Daer-Koch are encouraged to exalt their god by living their lives in action, performing glorious and heroic deeds. They are often attracted to
Daer-Koch (Intermediate Deity)
Symbol: A flaming golden sword, tip up (chaos aspect); A thurible of fire with IUX written upon it ("Life Burning Glorious"); A bolt of golden lightning; A rampant tiger standing upon flames; A beast's horn coiled around a red sword, tip down (law aspect); A gold dragon embattled with three red claw marks upon its flank (The Hiraff Feal) or clutching three blooded arrows (The Hiraff Gaidan); A golden skull with a stag's antler growing from one side (The Bleak Grin); A blooded axe, handle up; Three arrows equally positioned and points together; A golden ram; An embattled horse carrying a sword wielding warrior; A lion rampant who bears broken chains.
Home Plane: Roa, the Realm of Conflict
Alignment: Lawful Neutral and Chaotic Neutral
Portfolio: War and conflict, elemental fire, strength, great deeds, glory and heroism, adventure, combat, valor and bravery, tactics, excess, displays of power.
Worshipers: Adventurers, warriors and soldiers
Cleric Alignments: Chaotic Good, Chaotic Neutral, Neutral Good
Domains: Chaos, Destruction, Fire, Glory, Law, Missionary, Strength, Summoning*, Vengeance, War
*This is a prestige domain.
Favored Weapon: Greatsword
Favored Colors: Red and Gold
Alternate Names: The One and Mighty, the Warrior, the Thunderer, the Conflicted Lord, the Fire King, and as Karnot.
    Tenerthor elves often refer to Daer-Koch as Vorwarion, the "Blooded Beast."
    Dwarves know Daer-Koch as Khazadul, "The Warrior" (Daernarthor); Thrunadin, "The Fire King" (Urdunan); Karmul, "The Berserker" (Urdain); or as Fravyn, "The Hearth Breaker" by the Silver dwarves.
    Halflings of Kindertel also refer to Daer-Koch as "The Hearth Breaker," but in their own language he is known as Hamfrin Nok.
    Lupinal occasionally refer to Daer-Koch as Kalmakh, "The Passioned One."
struggles against which they can test themselves, and in their success become more than they were before. Worship of Daer-Koch can be found through-out the world, especially among humans. Daer-Koch is said to be the reborn incarnation of the departed deity called Karnot. Indeed, most of Karnot's portfolio of influence passed directly unto Daer-Koch. Daer-Koch is a trumpeting call to action, a bright clarion of inspiration for not just heroes, but for all who struggle to overcome adversity.

Direction of Faith

Smallfolk would cower in awe of a world made from the vision of Daer-Koch. In such a world great legions led by visionary heroes would clash in mighty battle upon battle. It would be a world of conflict, where every creature that lived would cling strongly to its beliefs and seek to announce them out loud. The successful among them would bring like minded individuals to their banner and lead their adherents in conquest. In such a world there would be an unending conflict from which might impossibly arise an ultimate and glorious truth which would rally all things into a perfect expression of divinity.