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Jasten Ikosi

Neutral Evil Male Human Vampire

Str 27   Dex 18   Con -   Int 12   Wis 14   Cha 17   Hit Points: 216

Status: Undead
Campaign Appearances:
        Virtue Sin Love

Orphaned by the war of the Black Scourge, Jaston was among the lucky few who grew up among the orphanage of the Church of Arden. His parents, both missionaries, were slain when the armies of the Dark God crossed the Desert of the Sinnd and invaded the southern lands. Having grown up in the church, it was natural for him to become a part of the priesthood once he came of age. In the city of Hana he practiced a ministry of compassion and reconciliation among the many who had been impoverished during those dark times. His progression in the church was meritorious and eventually he was placed in charge of church activities on the Isle of Sepras district. There his time was spent at the church's temple on the northern tip of the island, witnessing his faith to pilgrims and tourists.
    But this kindly and respected lifestyle came to a brutal end when, in retaliation for attacks on their temple, cultists of the seductive blood-goddess Niosha descended upon the temple of Arden on the Isle of Sepras, took the lives of its priests, defiled their alter, and transformed their beloved minister into a vile vampire. The church sent templars from the Order of the Thorn to clean up the mess and retrieve the bodies of the dead, but the body of Jasten was never found. Soon though, word began to spread of questionable deeds being performed by a vigilante dressed in the priestly robes of Arden; unbecoming deeds of vengeance and bloodletting enacted against some of the darker, eviler churches of the island. Rumor had it that one of the priests slain at the attack on the Church of Arden had arisen in vengeful undeath, a mockery of the faith of Arden, but the truth of the matter was that Jasten now served a new god, in undeath he served Niosha, the blood goddess cast out of heaven for seducing and feeding upon the divine blood of other gods.
    In life, Jasten was a man in his prime, late twenties at the oldest. His fair haired and pale skinned Thennish ancestry made him easy to pick out from a crowd of dark skinned and black haired hanoian natives. Typically he was dressed in vestments of Arden and found working at its church on the Isle of Sepras. Now in undeath his skin has grown taunt, his eyes sunken and his face gaunt. A dour silence punctuates his little conversation; where once he freely spoke and inspired hope his grave-deep voice now inspires horror. He dons the colors of darkest black and red and no longer does he travel the streets by day. Night has claimed him body and soul.
    Now, Jasten ig slowly going insane as the torment of becoming undead destroys the good man that he was. At first, being undead, he vied against the evil which stirred inside of him. By dint of his holy symbol with protection from evil imbued upon it he found himself free willed, rather than an enthralled by the power of Madrasheen, his creator. Well versed in the ways of the undead, Jasten has been pretending to be nothing more than an obedient thrall. In reality, he began to use his new vampire powers to bring wrath upon other evil churches on the Isle of Sepras. Further, he used his cunning to seduce one of the vampire priestesses into allowing him to taste her blood thrice, allowing him to transcend his role as a mere spawn to that of a full fledged vampire. When the heroes of the Four Pillars encountered Jasten in the Chapel, in the Prison of Niosha, he had just finished slaying one of the vampire priestesses.
    In time, Jasten comes to believe that he is the reincarnation of Ravadin, the Flesh Shaper. With the spirit of Ravadin riding upon his soul, whispering its secrets to him, he is slowly beginning to learn new powers of creation and transmutation. Perhaps, one day he too will be able to sculpt flesh and fill the world with his own new creations.
    Like Ravadin, Jasten has an intense hatred of Niosha and her priestesses, although he would gladly partake in their pleasures if they were offered, if only to murder them afterwards. This hatred extends to Madrasheen, naturally, whom he loathes for a variety of reasons. Furthermore, he fears that even though he has become a full vampire, Madrasheen may yet have some sway over him. So, he longs to ensure that she is destroyed. It is for these reasons that he is willing to ally himself with the party of heroes, hoping that his status as a former priest of Arden will make them listen long enough for him to convince them of his intentions. He does his best to put on the guise of being willing to seek redemption, if that’s what it takes to manipulate the party to his ends.

CR 18 Vampire Prince of Ravadin
Initiative: +12, Speed 30
Hit Dice: 18HD (216hp) Fast Healing 10
AC: 38 (+12 armor, +4 Dex, +6 Natural, +6 shield)
Resistances: Cold 10, Electricity 10
Immunities: undead immunities
Base Attack/Grapple: +18/+30
Attack: +34 keen frost bastard sword 1d10+12 plus 2d6 cold/18-20
Full Attack: +34/+29/+24/+19
Space/Reach: 5ft/5ft.
Special Attacks: blood drain, dominate (Will DC 22), energy drain (2 negative levels)
Special Qualities: DR 3/-, 10/magic and silver;
Saves: Fort +16 (19 vs Transmutations), Reflex +18, Will +16
Abilities: Str 27, Dex 18, Con –, Int 12, Wis 14, Cha 17
Skills: Bluff Diplomacy, Disguise, Hide, Intimidate, Move Silently, Search, Sense Motive, Spot
Feats: Improved Critical, Improved Initiative, Improved Grapple, Improved Trip, Weapon Focus (bastard sword), Power Attack, Cleave, Combat Reflexes, Dodge, Exotic Weapon Proficiency (bastard sword), Great Fortitude, Power Attack
Possessions: +4 keen frost bastard sword, 2 potions inflict critical wounds, Full Plate of Knit Bone +4, Large knit bone shield +4, Amulet of Protection.