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Warlord Korog

Chaotic Evil Male Orc
Level 13 Fighter
Level 9 Sorcerer

Str 25   Dex 18   Con 20   Int 12   Wis 14   Cha 22   Hit Points: 214

Status: Dead
Campaign Appearances:
        Cleansing Flame

In legendary times there was born an orcish warrior of unusual size, power, and ambition. Tutored by shaman practitioners in the arts of the mystic and by his father in the art of war, he grew to be of mighty stature. While still young he saw that he could not achieve all he wished for in one lifetime and so asked his shaman teachers how he might extend his life. They would not tell him, either because they didnít know or because they feared the results of such information at his hands, and so he slew them and fled into the mountains.
    Years later he returned with a powerful band of orcish warriors, numbering twelve, crushed resistance against himself and began the task of uniting the clans. With enough under his control he also began his conquest of the lowland areas claimed by the human and fairer folk.
    Using those who would not succumb to his designs as sacrifices he gained the attentions of darker immortal powers and beheld a vision of a white winged lion with a single horn shining from itís head. At once he knew that should he possess this beast that the key to his own eternity would be in his hands and so he sent hunting parties to search for such a beast, leading some of them himself, but always they ended in failure. During these hunts he rode upon a black chariot led by a pack of wargs, such was his great size that it took a half dozen of the powerful beasts to drive the cart.
    It is said that through-out his rape of the lowlands and mighty uniting of the orc clans that he occasionally would catch a glimpse of the white lion upon an unreachable mountain peak or playing in the distance. Whenever such a sighting occurred he would turn his armies that same direction and hunt for days with futile results. While not making war he spent his time in seclusion, exploring the dark powers which now attended to him.
    Korog was not slain in battle, but slowly became more and more obsessed with the need to acquire the beast, until one day in the middle of battle, while he road his chariot pulled by wargs towards battle that he again caught glimpse of the white lion upon a cliff top close at hand. Numerous witnesses record that he let forth a feral growl of frustration and that terrible arcane words were pulled out from his mouth. Turning his mighty chariot he then steered through his own armies, crushing those who could not flee from his path quickly enough, all the while terrible words of power spilled from his lips until his chariot lifted into the air and sought after the white lion. The beast took flight and disappeared into the dark forests of the wild-land hills, Korag following it and disappearing as well, not to be seen again.
    In olden times people would claim to hear the hunting horn of Korog as he pursued his prey through the mountains and hills of the Crescent Valleys. For a great time there have been no such sightings and so many hope that this terrible monster has been lain to rest, either capturing his prey or driven to death by his endless and unachievable ambitions.