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Roamwarden Lorion

Neutral Good Male Half-elf
Level 15 Cleric of Lathidus

Str 15   Dex 14   Con 12   Int 13   Wis 16   Cha 14   Hit Points: 94

Status: Alive
Campaign Appearances:
        Cleansing Flame

Lorion was born (circa 12862 AC) in the United Kingdoms, in the time just before the invasion of the Dark God into those lands. Abandoned by his parents on the steps of a small forested monastery dedicated to Lathidus, he grew up in the faith. His heart restless, he left (12881 AC) the monastery several years after war had been declared between the elves of Aelfshem and the United Kingdoms over ancestral lands.
    Initially he endeavored to act as a liaison between the two countries, but eventually he was drawn into the conflict - first on the side of the humans and then later on the side of the elves. Frustrated at the fruitlessness of a war whose cause he did not believe in he left the area and traveled south, staying for a brief time in Tel-Akbar and in cities further south such as Challsea.
    At the Incident at Noromar he was key in the prevention of a Cult of Tso-Tal's nearly successful attempt to erect a portal to an evil dimension and summon their lost gods avatar. After fighting the hordes of demons and undead that were spawned as a result of the cults activities he was promoted by the Church of the Light to the rank of Roamwarden and given authority to travel the lands, evangelizing and fighting evil in the name of Lathidus.
    Lorion has survived numerous dangerous assignments against the forces of evil. Presently (12883 AC) he is assigned to the city of Mendenton, where his duties are to assist in the building of a church there and to assist in curbing the orcish invasion.
    Lorion is an athletic man, golden haired and sharp feathered, with a quiet disposition. He keeps a clear head in battle and is a loyal companion. He privately loathes his half-blood ancestry and the conflicts that it frequently draws him into.