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Mother Malane Pael

Lawful Good Female Human
Level 16 Priest of Lathidus

Str 13   Dex 13   Con 14   Int 14   Wis 18   Cha 12   Hit Points: 104

Status: Alive
Campaign Appearances:
        Cleansing Flame

Born in the church (AC12854), Malane came of age while living a sheltered life under the guardianship of her mother, a talented healer. Together they dwelt in the fortified safety of Ishen Abbey. While the Eastern Empire was ravaged by the armies of the Dark God, she remained safe in the high keep. After the Dark God was banished and its vile armies dispersed she traveled for the first time from the walls of Ishen at the side of her mother. Never had she seen such pain and the destruction of war. As they traveled she learned from her mother the healing arts, but also how to take care of herself and what it meant to have faith.
    After traveling this way for many months they and their guard came under attack by a desperate remnant of the Dark God's armies. Her mother was slain and Malane fled into the dark while their men-at-arms guarded her escape. Days later she arrived in the small town of Shalbrin where she sought protection at the temple of Lathidus. The priests there took her in and nursed her to health. Many months later word arrived that her uncle in Tel-Akbar wished for her to come and live with him. Fortunately, he was a good man. To make sure that when she left his care that she would be able to defend herself better than her mother, he entered her into the priesthood and tought her how to use the weapons accepted by her faith who might find need to defend themselves against evil.
    Malane developed talents far beyond that of her mothers and became a powerful member of the church hierarchy. Given to wandering and seeking out opportunities to do good to others, she was not appointed a sedentary position in the church as matron or counselor. Instead she is affectionately known as mother for the role she plays in protecting the weak and for her compassion.
    Malane has fair skin and a light auburn-red hair that grows long to her mid-back. She is pretty, but she is not a whimsical maiden. She lives with purpose and very well traveled and experienced. Men often find her intimidating, but it is not because she is harsh but because she is independent.
    Cleansing Flame: Malane was one of nine heroes who descended into the earth alongside Tadhg von Artigbrauer to bring justice, goodness, and retribution to the Drakher elves. She traveled again in to the underworld to rescue companions taken prisoner by the Drakher, emerging victorious and later plying her skills to heal those who could be saved.