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Chaotic Neutral Male Noble Fairy
Level 18 Aristocrat

Status: Alive
Campaign Appearances:
        Cleansing Flame

Maraninsindalithol is the fairy king of the Sunrise Lands. His palace can only be reached by traveling to the edge of the sunrise and passing through the four fae seasons. There, in his palace of glass that floats on the back of a million butterflies, where the noble fae rest upon the dew vapors of dawn, surrounded by his thousand attendants, two-thousand peacocks of brilliant plumage, and by the light of ten thousand stars of fairy dust, where will-o-the-wisps fear to go, is his glass throne of rulership and gaiety.
    Therod, Tadhg, and Brome sought the wisdom of the fairy king with the support of Dalithal - a mortal druid descended distantly from the noble fairies - to learn of how to lay the spirit of Korag to rest.