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Miles ''Tinman'' Daleson

Chaotic Good Male Human
Level 12 Rogue
Level 4 Cleric of Lathidus
Level 2 Fighter

Str 17   Dex 12   Con 16   Int 12   Wis 15   Cha 15   Hit Points: 144

Status: Alive
Campaign Appearances:
        Cleansing Flame

"Tinman" was born in F8316 and grew up as an orphan in the Church of Lathidus, where he was taught his letters, ethics, and the good word of the Sun Lord. When he came of age to leave the orphanage he traveled for a while but soon found himself penniless and starving on the streets of Tyreis. He turned to thievery and for many years he was successful at it. One day he and a band of friends needed some money for food and saw a man walking alone through their alleyway. They set upon the stranger to rob him, but as fate would have it the stranger was a priest of Lathidus and had worked at the orphanage where Miles grew up. Though the priest didn't recognize his assailants, Miles immediately recognized the man and tried to turn his friends away. His friends did not prove to be so true and wounded the priest, stole his money purse, and fled. Miles stayed behind to care for the priest and took him to a local mission home. The priest eventually came to consciousness, saw what care had been done for him, and listened to Miles' confession to the depths to which his life had sunk.
    Seeing that there was still good in Miles, the priest took him on his travels to the city of Tel-Akbar. Miles used the opportunity as a chance to work off the evils he had committed and by the time they had arrived in the magnificent city of Tel-Akbar, a couple months later, his faith had become strong and he had renounced his past ways. Possessing talents unusual to find in the church, Miles worked with many different branches of the faith as a servant of Lathidus who could relate to those who lived on the streets.
    Hearing through the church that a number of its heroes had been imprisoned (F8338) by the Drakher elves while doing the work of Lathidus, he volunteered to be a part of a rescue operation led by Tadhg von Artigbrauer, a hero of the Deep Watchers.
    Miles traveled into the earth with the heroes of Lathidus and they successfully freed the prisoners of the Drakher, along with many smaller adventures along the way. Unfortunately, at the gates to the prison tower there was a powerfully trapped portal which slew one of the rescue party, Sir Bridgen, stealing his soul away and leaving his body an empty shell. In the magic unleashed by the destruction of the portal, Miles too was killed. The quick thinking of the party kept his soul from traveling to the realms of the dead, but since his body had been destroyed he found himself brought back to life in the empty warriors body of Sir Bridgen. Since then he has struggled to adapt to his new body. His talents have become even more diversified as he learns to use the pwoerful build that he has inherited from the fallen warrior.