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Steward of Earth Miriel

Chaotic Neutral Female Half-fey human

Status: Alive
Campaign Appearances:
        Ashes of Arend

Said to be the offspring of a dryad and a mortal, Miriel embraced her mothers heritage and manifested it as strangely wood-grain textured, yet supple skin. Her hair was a luscious cascade of tiny golden and red leaves, as though in perpetual Autumn, tumbling down from beneath a crown of rosewood branches woven into a circlet about her brow. Her deep green eyes were shockingly vivid, but mortal and elfin. In her quiet laughter one could almost hear the sound of wind moving through distant trees. Miriel was one of the four druidic Aspects during the time of the Unholy Wars (AC2506-AC2559). Though she was the Steward of the Aspect of Earth, but she was not dour or earthen in her attitude. Instead she seemed to embody the fruits of the earth, all that grows from its bounty and all that is nurtured. If she was a mountain in stature among druids, then she was the mountain behind which people take shelter and from which spring streams of water flow, not the mountain which casts shadows and challenges people to conquer its heights. Miriel was often away from the center of druidic power, working with other druids who were experiencing trouble beyond their resources in their lands. Unlike Borsaeg, she was a defender and an advocate of constancy.