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Lawful Evil Male Half-orc
Level 15 Fighter

Str 20   Dex 16   Con 18   Int 8   Wis 11   Cha 8   Hit Points: 146

Status: Alive
Campaign Appearances:
        Cleansing Flame

Mok-Cron stands a burly 6'1". His half-orc heritage and natural physical disposition make him a deady fighter. His skin is pitted and scarred from numerous battles and an experience where he was subjected to an acid storm before he could viciously rip off the head of an orcish shamen.
    Mok-Cron wears a mishmash of magical armor and trophies taken from his fallen enemies. His black hair is kept wild, tied into knots in places with small bits bone from those he's slain twisted in. A dozen piercings line each ear and tattoos that tell of his martial prowess mark his face, arms, and broad back.
    Mok-Cron was defeated at the hand of Tadhg Von Artigbrauer. As Tadhg defeated him and spared Mok-Cron's life, Mok-Cron now serves Tadhg and is often found near at his side. Make no mistake though - while Mok-Cron has learned a few words of Thennish, he is by no means tamed and it takes little reason (and much guarded patience on Tadhg's behalf) for him to draw his blade and lop off a few heads.