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Neutral Good Male Guardinal
Level 2 Musteval Guardinal

Status: Alive
Campaign Appearances:
        Virtue Sin Love

"Be heroic? You must be kidding right? I'll stick with being an advisor. Being a hero is dangerous. You swing the sword, I'll free the prisoners."
    This tiny fellow is pure hearted and filled with great sympathy for the wretched and downtrodden of the mortal world. Sent from the celestial heavens to be a spiritual companion to the paladin Ahnkor, Mufari fills the role as an eloquent and playful advisor, and as an extra pair of hands and eyes since a paladin cannot act or look everywhere he must all the time.
    Like all Musteval Guardinals, Mufari resembles nothing less than a slender humanoid mouse with white-gray fur and pink tipped nose. He typically dons a miniature rogue's outfit with a leather jerkin and a belt of tiny daggers. When relaxing or in the company of mortals that would be alarmed by his celestial nature, he often takes the form of a friendly looking orange and white cat. In this way it is easy for him to travel among mortals and listen to conversations. However, Mufari is no creature of lazy cat-like habits, he is driven by a need to act in benefit for the good of the world.