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Loremaster Neredin Coalglimmer

True Neutral Male Daernarthor
Level 4 Cleric of Shistar
Level 3 Wizard
Level 10 Mystic Theurge
Level 16 Loremaster

Str 5   Dex 9   Con 11   Int 34   Wis 26   Cha 12

Status: Dead
Campaign Appearances:
        Ashes of Arend

Master of Lore to the deceased Thurbardaine Hagar of Mithrilgard. Neredin was a prolific explorer of knowledge.
    Neredin began as a orphan apprenticed to a fairly successful painter. During his journeymanship he discovered his love for books and things ancient. He was fascinated by the symbolism of paintings and the power of certain symbols and what they invoked in those who viewed them. His search for knowledge was almost a holy quest to him, so it was not surprising that he should privately worship Shistar, god of knowledge. More than anything he craved knowledge of magic. In a way, becoming a priest to Shistar was his first foray into the manipulation of magic. Channeling the magic of a god was not academic enough to sate his desires. He wished to understand the fundamentals of magic as well. When his power was great enough, he summoned a servitor of Shistar and bid it to help him find a great teacher of arcane arts. Together they two traveled great distances and witnessed many strange places of the multiverse until he came to a fellow admirer of knowledge; a wise and ancient beholder named Mars.
    Unlike others of his kind, Mars was not cruel, but he did possess tremendous skill at the arcane arts and a great respect for the gods and other powers that be. In return for one-hundred years of servitude, Mars agreed to teach Neredin all that it knew of the magical arts, and a great deal more about the multiverse. Neredin, already deep in his years, asked of Mars how he could serve for one-hundred years when it was not likely that he should live that much longer. Mars answered that should he prove to be a capable student that he would teach Neredin how to live beyond his years. Such an offer of knowledge, paired with the immortality to forever pursue new knowledge, was viewed as more than a bargain by Neredin and so he agreed.
    For one-hundred years Neredin studied with Mars, and for nearly another two-hundred years he stayed on to travel with the beholder, to whom he had become great friends.
    A great many years had gone by and Neredin realized that it was not the wise and educated whom he should spend all his time with, but that he should put his great knowledge to use to aid his kin, and so he returned to his people.
    In those days he served Thurbardaine Hagrad of Mithrilgard, offering his great wisdom to the clan king. He spent his studies in the company of the Eternal Lords beyond the Omicron Gates, where more secrets were revealed to him. In time, he served a great many more Thurbardaines: Haggrin, Haggred, Himred, Halfdin (who brought clan Mithrilgard to the great halls of Dunnal Krannok), Haldrin, until the time of Clan-King Hagar. By then, Neredin was truly ancient and had retired from the order of Eternal Lords as the weight of many hundreds of years burdened his mind.
    It was during the rule of Hagar that Dunnal Krannok fell and was abandoned because of events engineered by the powerful incabulist called Dazgard.
    When Thurbardaine Hagar emptied his holdings and went to do battle with Dazgard, Neredin stayed behind to study the great curse that had been placed on Dunnal Krannok and someday undo it so that the sons of Hallanstaen could return to Dunnal Krannok.
    Alone for several millenia, Neredin shed his mortal body and its many cares so that he could dedicate his spirit to pursuit of his last kings wishes. It would be another six-thousand years until adventurers would breach the sealed hall of Dunnal Krannok and find their way to Mithrilgard's clan halls, where Neredin could at least reveal the result of his studies. When the ancient curse was lifted from Dunnal Krannok, Neredin chose to depart to the afterlife where he would surely be rewarded with the rest he so greatly deserved.