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Proloriate Nur-al-Din

True Neutral Male Daernarthor Dwarf
Level 11 Wizard
Level 5 Fatespinner

Str 8   Dex 11   Con 15   Int 19   Wis 16   Cha 12   Hit Points: 72

Status: Alive
Campaign Appearances:
        Virtue Sin Love

Born to a family of wealthy dwarven merchants in the city of Tarsus, Nur-al-Din showed promise in magic at an early age, a talent that had never appeared among his families ancestors. Unprepared for the magical progeny their son displayed, Nur-al-Din was sent to study under a human wizard, Owar, in the southern city of Maerl. Following this training, Nur-al-Din returned to his family to find them deeply in debt. Though his training by Owar had taxed the families coffers, misfortunate too had struck them with the collapse of a silver mine that the family owned. Indebted to his family, Nur-al-Din hired out his services to a merchant caravan and for several years he sent all that he earned to his family.
    The merchant caravan traveled throughout the southwest of Irendi, from Abnasia to Hana to Tarsus again. Nur-al-Din was exposed to many cultures. It was during a stay among the southern tribes of the Sheynar, among the Shinomen plains-warriors, when a chance encounter with a tribal wizard enlightened him in how random chance could be tilted in favor. Fascinated by this concept of manipulating fate, Nur-al-Din privately studied and developed its concepts for several years, determined to change his fate and that of his family for the better.
    Lacking access to facilities to conduct his experiments, Nur-al-Din returned to his mentor Owar, but his mentor was of a greatly advanced age, failing in health, and unable to help. On advice from his mentor and with a letter of recommendation in hand, Nur-al-Din traveled to Hana and petitioned the Gray Cabal for admissions as a Fellow. Impressed by the quality and potential of his research into bending fate, Nur-al-Din was accepted into the fraternal cabal.
    With success in his studies, Nur-al-Din was eventually elevated to the rank of Proloriate. Reflecting over his triumphs, Nur-al-Din attributes much of his progress to personal determination, though he's quick to acknowledge that a twist of fate in just the right place has helped along his extraordinarily fortuitous lifetime.
    Nur-al-Din is a kindly leader of the Gray Cabal, but he tolerates no lethargy and procrastination, demanding that his apprentices make the most of their time and not waste it on leisurely pursuits of transient pleasure. He has a cunning understanding of how the world works, greatly advanced due to both his studies and his many travel experiences. His mastery of the fine points of divination is highly respected. Nur-al-Din's loyalty to the Gray Cabal is second only to his loyalty to his family. Occasionally he returns to Tarsus to visit his family, but most of his time is spent in the labyrinthine halls of the Gray Cabal.
    Nur-al-Din is a middle-aged Daernarthor dwarf, slender for one of his kind. He follows in the tradition of his people, weaving fine mithral chains into his prodigious beard and single-braided hair. He typically dresses in sturdy scholarly clothes of strict, but high quality cut.