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Odals Alzota

Chaotic Neutral Male Human
Level 10 Wizard

Str 10   Dex 13   Con 14   Int 17   Wis 11   Cha 13   Hit Points: 43

Status: Alive
Campaign Appearances:
        Ashes of Arend

Odals is a lean human of average height, in his early thirties. He has long black hair and sky-blue eyes. As prefers to don rich, colorful clothing and expensive hats. He is a charming fellow, although he is easily frustrated and occasionally hasty in his decisions.
    Ashes of Arend: Hired by the treasurer of Bluewater, Kalier Gol, the adventurers tracked Odals Alzota to the abandoned tower of Yenejg - a wizard of historical repute and made famous for his consorting with the demoness Penfavasta and their brief domination over the city of Bluewater during the time of the Black Scourge (12859). Soon after the adventurers had defeated his henchmen, as they explored the tower, they encountered Odals. Weary after a long day of battles against bugbears and the other local denizens, the party was nearly destroyed. Before Odals escaped he was able to slay the parties cleric, Kail, a respected and devout priest of Arden.