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Lawful Evil Male Half-demon human

Status: Alive
Campaign Appearances:

Osurus is the high priest of a guild known as the Black Templars. When Yeaolcroloth, the Tentacled Lord, crushed the Black Templars from the surface world, he slew Osurus and sealed his body in a slab of fire steel.
    Since that day the Black Templars worked to restore Osurus to life, at which point they would begin their revenge against the guilds that betrayed them to the Tentacled Lord.
    Unfortunately, the Black Templars were tricked into thinking they could raise Osurus from the dead, by agents of the Hadrim, if they imbued the souls of a thousand demons into his steel encased corpse. This did not bring him back from the dead, but it did allow the demon Nithurzan to become incarnate within the body and rise to power - ending the lives of many of the Dark Templar's leadership at the same time.