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Steward of Water Phedapas

True Neutral Male Selere-Nadristi Elf

Status: Unknown
Campaign Appearances:
        Ashes of Arend

The youngest of the druidic stewards during the time of the Unholy Wars (AC2506-AC2559) and also the representative of the Aspect of Water. Phedapas was the most scholarly among the Aspects. He spent a great deal of time in the library, absorbing its knowledge. He and Eithildir were said to hold lengthy philosophical conversations, but where Eithildir's specialty was in knowledge of world events, Phedapas's was the study of the esoteric. Phedapas was half Selere and half Nadristi in heritage. His mother was an escaped artisan that was taken in by his Nadristi father. Because of this heritage, Phedapas is unusually tall for a Selere, yet still has a soft blue tint to his skin and slightly webbed fingers and feet. He was highly skilled at druidic magic, a blessing from his Nadristi heritage. Phedapas enjoyed scholarly debate. He was not particularly quiet or reserved, but he was not prone to outbursts; when he spoke it was with forethought. Phedapas tended to wear robes which covered most of his body, a habit he picked up due to growing up as a half-breed.