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Powlus Quinn

True Neutral Male Human
Level 1 Commoner

Str 13   Dex 9   Con 11   Int 10   Wis 7   Cha 9   Hit Points: 3

Status: Alive
Campaign Appearances:
        Cleansing Flame

Powlas is the gravekeeper and undertaker for the city of Mendenton. Since most of the cities dead are buried in the graveyard at the Temple of Arden, he can frequestly be found there. Powlus owns a modest dwelling, which he inherited, that is located in the central realm of the town. Over the course of adventuring, it was discovered that Powlus had been substituting mannequins for bodies in the coffins of those whom he buried to repay a large gambling debt that he owed to Imlik. Powlus loves his family and is fearful that should Imlik find out that he revealed his body- snatching activities that something awful will happen to them. He has two sons, Trew and Halotz, ages 12 and 8 respectivly.