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Grand Archivist Qadir A'etrio

Lawful Neutral Male Human
Level 7 Cleric of Zhakrin
Level 10 Guardian of the Dead

Status: Alive
Campaign Appearances:
        Virtue Sin Love

Revered among the Guardians of the Dead and said to be over two-hundred years old, Qadir is the holy archivist for the Great Temple of Zhakrin in Hana.
    Though said to have lived over three human lifetimes, Qadir looks little older than a fit man in his late fifties. He has grey streaked black hair which frames his serene face and pale eyes. Though native to the Hanois Peninsula, Qadir is fair skinned compared to most locals, though still far more olivine pigmented then any northern foreigner. He typically dons the customary robes for one of his station, black and voluminous robes of waft-thin silk with a wide mantle of deepest dark-purple ornamented with silver holy symbols of his faith.
    Qadir follows a very strict schedule which balances his duties throughout the day. In the morning he meditates and fasts until the cool morning air begins to fade, then a sparing meal followed by exercises, blessings of the temple, reception of guests, a light Ravitita (great meal), studies in the archives, prayers at dusk, followed by any important funerals and the procession of Sif Mons - a "walk of the dead" which solemnly proceeds through the vast burial halls that are beneath the temple.
    As grand archivist for the great temple, Qadir is a scholar of all religious, historical, and esoteric knowledge. He is extremely knowledgeable of the planes, their inhabitants, and their impact and interaction with the mortal world. He is well versed in arcane lore and known to have a vast knowledge of the workings of magical and alchemical devices; he is thought to have created animate beings of stone and marble which protect many of the crypts. Qadir allows the leaders of the temple to do their duties without any interference, in return the temple leaders give him the respect he deserves for the great wisdom that he possesses.