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Prince Radashan Adadsi

Neutral Evil Male Human

Status: Alive
Campaign Appearances:
        Virtue Sin Love

The fastidious prince is very handsome, muscular, lithe, smooth complexioned, and green eyed. He prefers exotic silk clothing fitted to reveal his perfect and vain features. His desires are fairly simple: the acquisition of wealth, power, and comfort. He accomplishes his desires by manipulating those less fortunate then him by any means. Blackmail, racketeering, framing, and induction of debt are all tools at his disposal. Hundreds of prostitutes, small time crooks and thief gangs, slavery press gangs. His connections extend into many criminal venues, but in the lawless city of Hana he flourishes. Prince Adadsi has a reputation of being vindictive and jealous. The standard of House Adadsi is crimson edges with dark purple. House Adadsi is part of the Shinveta sepif complex.
    Prince Adadsi was the employer of Valerian, the brother of Maximilian. Ultimately, the depraved acts which Adadsi lured and blackmailed Valerian to perform led the tenerthor elf to take his own life rather than face further dishonor.