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Duke Ralor Vasquez

Lawful Good Male Human
Level 4 Aristocrat
Level 14 Fighter
Level 5 Warrior of Light

Str 17   Dex 12   Con 15   Int 15   Wis 15   Cha 16   Hit Points: 160

Status: Alive
Campaign Appearances:
        The Black Scourge

Ralor was born in 12825AC, as the second son to the cousin of Emperor Lasillion XXVIII. He was groomed in Ergoth and an arrangement was made to betroth him to the daughter of Prince Thelvan Lasillion, the beautiful and much coveted Selinne, the Beauty of Ergoth.
    Vasquez rode in several campaigns in the Crescent Mountains and earned a field knighthood during the Storn Incursions of AC12850, in which he and a small group of fighting men routed the troll king's forces, pursued, and gained intelligence led to the end of Thrumog's aspirations in the region.
    He was not merely a warrior in those days though. Vasquez was also known for his charm and grace at the court of Ergoth. His generosity, piety, valor, handsome demeanor, and the popular tale of his romantic married life were also common conversation among the folk of the land.
    Ralor was frequently called to battle during the time when The Twenty ceased their earthly presence and left prayers unanswered. When his older brother died of the plague in 12861AC, his household was moved to Lyam and he was raised as Duke over his brothers holdings. However, he would not set foot into his castle for almost five years as he was called away to war almost immediately following his brother's demise.
    He was among the more fortunate to have survived the crushing rampage of the unstoppable Dark God's forces as they swept from the north and through the Eastern Empire. His own wife was slain when his holdings in Lyam were razed; at that time he was racing on the road from Ephesus to aid her, but it was too late on the dawn that he arrived. His heart broken, he swore he would live on to see the forces of the Dark God destroyed.
    In 12864AC the Eastern Empire surrendered to the armies of the Dark God and Vasquez was sent home to the ruins of Lyam. While wandering the streets after looking through the wreckage of his home, he met an old friend of his, Sir Albort Manns. They banded together, gathered other idle warriors who loathed the occupying armies, and formed a resistance that planned to make the occupiers dread the day they invaded the Eastern Empire.
    When the gods returned in 12866AC, Vasquez traveled to speak with the avatar of Lathidus which was making secretive appearances throughout the mountainous ruins and small towns in the Crescent foothills. His spirit transformed, he dedicated his band of men to the new god and called Lathidus worthy of praise from the fallen worshipers of Harushta. His band of men became the first Warriors of Light, and Vasquez led them against the Dark God. The greatest of his victories was over the forces of the Dark God which had occupied the Vale of Mirh. This and other battles made him a hero and notible individual in the years through which the Eastern Empire threw off the reigns of the Dark God.
    Now, sixty years old (12885AC), Duke Vasquez lives once again in Lyam. He is a devotee of Lathidus and the administrative head of the Warriors of Light for the Church of the Light.
    Though sixty years old, Vasquez is still a powerful warrior. His silvery hair now matches the glimmer of his legendary Maul of the Titans. Perhaps he moves a bit more slowly when donning the suit of full plate given to him by the Emperor Lasillion, but he still wears it with the ease of an experienced military campaigner. Duke Vasquez speaks with strength, vigor, and enthusiasm. He is welcome everywhere in the Eastern Empire and loved by the common folk.