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Dean Rasordin Ibindi

Lawful Good Male Galiadre Elf
Level 7 Cleric of Arden

Str 9   Dex 12   Con 11   Int 15   Wis 19   Cha 17

Status: Alive
Campaign Appearances:
        Virtue Sin Love

Dean of an important temple to Arden in the city of Hana, in the wealthy Pizratri neighborhood. Ibindi manages all activities of his temple and he provides oversight of several minor shrines and three other temples within the Pizratri and Nop Haztno districts. Due to his position, he is one of several important members of Arden's clergy in Hana who are in frequent contact with Primate Tripoteri.
    Gaining an audience with Rasordin is merely a matter of patience. His work at the church begins at dawn and frequently continues until midnight. Despite this lengthy schedule of work, he is a man of radiant personality, sustained by the spirit of his deity to cheerfully minister his duties. Important visitors who have courteously sent advanced notice of their arrival can expect a speedy audience with the dean. Influential community members can get a moment of his time that same day or in the following. Most visitors of the temple will rarely have an opportunity to exchange more than a polite greeting with the busy dean without appointment and sufficient reason. This isn't meant to imply that the dean is ignorant to the needs of the common folk, but the focus of his work is to minister and guide the clergy of Arden who interact with the populace every day.
    Rasordin is pale skinned, the wrinkles on his face and hands are fine from centuries of smiles and work in service to his deity. His face is framed by wispy white hair, which he wears long in a simple knot behind his back. Typically he is dressed in plain, though fine quality, white robes that seem to always be immaculately clean. Gold thread embroidered holy symbols form a stole over his shoulders and down its front in two columns. Rasordin, despite his centuries, still moves with elfin grace and age has not dimmed the site of his calm and steady gray eyes. He speaks with simple conviction, simultaneously conveying his authority and humility.