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Fellow Reghep Ohot

True Neutral Male Human
Level 9 Psion

Status: Alive
Campaign Appearances:
        Virtue Sin Love

A smiling and easy going member of the minority mentat faction of the Gray Cabal, a college of wizards, psions, and intellectuals in the city of Hana.
    Reghep hails from a family of gypsies whose origins are said to be distant desert lands far to the north and beyond the Cruth Mountains. He has bronzy skin that has been tattooed at his forearms with flocks of strange and colorful birds, absolutely black and straight hair which he wears to his shoulders, and bright, wide green eyes. He is trim, slender and unusually athletic looking for a cabalist. He favors local clothing styles, dressing in rich, dark silk clothes adorned with the symbology of his ancestry.