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Sadi Weaver

Neutral Good Female Human
Level 3 Commoner

Str 7   Dex 12   Con 10   Int 14   Wis 10   Cha 12   Hit Points: 10

Status: Alive
Campaign Appearances:
        Virtue Sin Love

A weaver woman who came to Parou from Hana to care for her mother there and then stayed. She hears a lot of the village gossip from the women who come to her to purchase cloth for clothing. Sadi is in her forties and her beauty has faded with her hard labor. She is patient and quick to side with the rest of the village opinion. Sadi is likely to share quite a bit of village gossip with any who will listen.

"There are so many secrets here in Paroue. Mikos wife, Rannee tells me that her husband has invested much of their savings in a passing spice caravan. Oh I hope that heís done a wise thing, they have so much to lose, what with their son stricken blind and unfit to labor. Though Sidelís daughter often watches him, he has no future. That poor girl. If her father didnít gamble so much heíd have a proper dowry to ensure her future. Iíve tried to warn him that Tubred cheats at his cards, but the two have been friends ever since that awful hunting accident and Sidel will hear nary a word against the man. Tubred, that poor man. Itís no wonder that he deceives even his friends, but hiding things has become so second nature for him since the birth of his poor baby. Precious thing, how could the gods be so cruel but to those who do not believe, but a child! Oh, itís heartbreaking. Bisha, thatís Tubredís wife wonít speak of it, but she certainly speaks a lot of how someone, or thing, has been eating all the apples from her trees. Itís probably that rascal Priosostoti. Such an ostentatious name for a child. I warned Priya that she should give the boy a more humble name until he comes of age, but she would pay me no mindÖ"