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Wizard-King Saulos

Neutral Evil Male Half-Fiend/Half-Human

Status: Unknown

Saulos was born in the lands of Shevanii, located to the east of where he would later build his kingdom of arcane might. Little is known of his childhood, most suspect that he was raised and taught by a cloister of cultists. What is known is that he possessed diabolical spirits that mingled with his blood and that even at an early age his magical talents were prodigious. Some called his ability and the portents surrounding his birth prophetical.
    By AC3601 he was already known to be a powerful warlock and he left his homeland. Inspired by a red moon (likely a lunar eclipse of Emmor), occuring during the Year of the Blood (as his homeland reckoned time) he established a small academy in the wilderness and sent out a call for gifted students to learn from him. At this time, his reputation was one of mystery and capable power. The evils within him were not known to any but perhaps a select few.
    He lived a mortal lifetime and, as was not uncommon of great wizards, his life was magically prolonged to last several lifetimes more. With his most promising students he used magic to lure surrounding populations to build near his towers and over his lifetimes he erected a mighty civilization that was ruled by those who had magic, all trained by his hand.
    Towards the end of his first century his rule became more corrupt. Perhaps it was the years weighing upon his mortal life and allowing the immortal evil that lived within him to awaken. Evil religions found haven in the Mageocracy of Saul and the public slowly began to succumb to the steady influence of evil in their lives. From a historical perspective, the change was very slow, almost methodical. It was as if Saulos did not wish to alarm nearby sovereigns with a national presence of evil, not until it was too late.
    It is unknown exactly when, but at some point Saulos ceased his sponsored worship of Shistar and began a steadfast practice of the Philosophies of Qo. He appointed new, vile rulers to watch over the corners of his empire, called the Three of Shadow: Aoran Zeprithun, Vainegal, and the evil storm giant named Kaug. Over the next six centuries Saul and these three would create a nation dedicated to the evil arcane arts as had never before been seen.
    The end of Saulos' life is a mystery. In AC4335 he began preparations for some great magical occurrence. In AC4337 a great ritual which spanned many weeks began at his temple. The culmination of this ritual was a terrible apocalypse which slew every creature within the nations borders and blasted the land into a wasted landscape of twisted forests and cracked plains. Legends say that Saulos transcended to true immortality from this great expenditure, but none can say for sure. Adventurers who have entered the Broken Land of Saul and escaped alive say that a great forest of corrupted trees still guard the immense Tower of Saul, from which Saulos ruled his kingdom.