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Master Sha'halad

True Neutral Male Human

Status: Alive
Campaign Appearances:
        Virtue Sin Love

An exceptionally well studied expert in planar gates, seals, and ancient magical lore. Sha'halad is one of the secretive masters of the Gray Cabal in the city of Hana, though he usually masquerades as a Fellow.
    Though quite advanced in age, Sha'halad is remarkably fit. He has a strong stride in his walk, he keeps his garb and gray-haired countenance well groomed, and his posture has not become bent by age. His motions are still swift and adroit; when he speaks he frequently makes small gestures with his hands. He is courteous, well-spoken, and respectably care-free as he allows the business of the guild to rarely distract his attention.
    Sha'halad lives in the Gray Cabal and keeps his true position secret, known only to a few of the Proloriates who occasionally refer inquiries within his specialty to him.