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Siron Chimon

Chaotic Evil Male Human Ghost
Level 12 Sorcerer
Level 5 Pale Master

Status: Dead
Campaign Appearances:
        Cleansing Flame

This evil, evil man condemned his family to undead servitude and subjected them to his unspeakable experiments. For centuries that followed, he was able to transfer his life essance from one member of his family to the next by way of a ritual that used his tombstone and an amulet. Generations later his decendents opposed his will, hid the amulet, destroyed the child he was to be reincarnated in, and hid his tombstone far and away. Days later the family was stricken down by plague and each and every member died. In the years that followed, many hauntings were reported from the old stone mill which they had inhabited. It was said by locals that the father of the family had made a marriage promise of his daughter to a wealthy family, but when he found her with child out of wedlock he took the child in the night and threw it deep down a disused well. The gods, thus angered, brought a plague on the family from which none survived.
    Years later, the Cleansing Flame gained ownership of the property of this family. Finding the amulet hidden, sewn up in a doll, and finding the tombstone a mile upstream and across the river that ran by the mills property, events were set in motion that brought the haunting of the property to a new fury.
    After careful and daring actions on behalf of the adventurers, the evil was cleansed from the property and the spirit of Siron Chimon was finally destroyed, ending the curse on his dead descendents.