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Lawful Evil Male Human
Level 7 Rogue

Str 16   Dex 17   Con 14   Int 13   Wis 12   Cha 9   Hit Points: 38

Status: Alive
Campaign Appearances:
        Hunter's Memoirs
        The Black Scourge

Utterly loyal to Nightlord Garben Gilthanus, Ske is privy to some of his best hidden secrets, such as that he is also a Lord in the distant Nation of Greentree. Ske unquestioningly follows Garben's command and looks after his masters affairs in his absence. He is ruthless, cunning like a snake, and is well paid enough that he has the resources to manipulate or take care of any problems that might arise to trouble Garben. More often than not, Ske can be found near Garbin's side, though when really dirty work needs to be done, Ske has the skills to do so without Garben needing to worry about it coming back to haunt him; such as the vile murder of Garben's elfin wife, Naessa Gilthanus to conveniance Garben's nightly pursuit of Niatara.
    Ske is fairly small for a human, thus he doesn't draw too much attention to himself when in the company of elves. While on assignment in Greentree he has the diplomacy skills to keep up his guise as one of Garben's stewards. He has a compact body, is highly athletic, skilled in martial arts, and darkly handsome.