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Chaotic Neutral Female Lerether Elf
Level 8 Wizard
Level 9 Rogue

Str 13   Dex 16   Con 10   Int 15   Wis 13   Cha 17   Hit Points: 60

Status: Alive
Campaign Appearances:
        The Black Scourge

Vibrant, beautiful, and daring, Niatara knows the power of beauty, cunning, and guile to her advantage. Born in the Eastern Empire (12839AC), Niatara was the wealthy heiress to her fathers fortunes. Falling in love with the wrong man, she left the easy lifestyle of the privileged and became enamored with the thrill of lawlessness. Betrayed by her lover, who slew her father and stole away his fortune, she found herself depending on her same thieving skills to survive on the streets until she met up with Tharamas Thodan, a self styled baron, rogue, and leader of a small band of adventurers.
    Taking her under his wing, Thodan introduced her to his companion Mervic, a brilliant wizard, and she quickly added a skill in magic to her repetoire. For a time, she and Thodan were lovers, though she could never give him her whole heart.
    While seeking the riches said to fill the Abyss of Tything and the caves nearby, she and her companions came under attack by a band of Moredhel and two Moredwraiths. Nigel, a halfling and rogue, was slain in the opening moments of combat as a wraith struck him dead with a red ray of magic and in moments it looked as though the party was doomed. Hearing the combat from afar, the adventurers Gillius Thunderclap, Tachos Goldenshield, Thaymen Silverstreak, and Katei-Brie Khahun led by Garben Gilthanus rushed to their aid and after a terrible battle the enemy were dead or had fled.
    The two parties became quick friends. Warned by Garben's party of the evils that were boiling out of the Abyss of Tything, Thodan's party departed for other adventures, though later the two groups would meet up again.
    A year later, while traveling through Tel-Akbar, Garben came across Angel Rockford a freelance con-artist, and through him was reintroduced to Niatara. Her daring as a freelance thief in the city of Tel-Akbar, a underworld of the city controlled by a powerful thieves guild of which Garben was a councel member, was intriguing to him and the two of them entered a forbidden relationship. Forbidden not just because she was operating outside of the guild, but also because Garben led a second life as a lord in the Nation of Greentree and had a beautiful wife, Lady Naessa.
    Their adventures together took her to the northern forests of Greentree and far beyond the adventures of her old companions who by this point had settled into other lifestyles.
    As mistress to Garben, she eventually persuaded him to have his wife murdered, and years later would eventually become his public consort.
    Niatara is unusual in appearance for a Lerether. Her hair is a luxurious black though her complexion is delicately tan. It is as though somewhere in her background is Tenerthor ancestry, which would explain some of her carefree and lawless nature. With enchanting eyes, lips made for kissing, and a shapely athletic form, she is a desireable elfin woman. Garben's exciting dual-faceted-life excites her and she is a loyal companion.