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Neutral Good Male Cerulian
Level 9 Cleric of Chishleen
Level 3 Cerulian

Status: Missing
Campaign Appearances:
        Cleansing Flame

This handsome priest of Chishleen has been running the Temple to his god near the waterfront for about eight years. Since his arrival more travelers have stopped in port to do business and many of the donations to his church have gone to improving the state of the dockyards. His temple, located in Mendenton, in the harbor's surf, is a haven for faithful sailors, fisherman, and folk whose lives depend upon the sea. Staron is known to be quite a looker and has wooed many beautiful lasses who have met him. He is equally popular with travelers and once a month he holds a great sea feast in his temple hall to celebrate the bounty of the ocean. Many of the towns regular ocean-traders come to this meal. Staron stands about 5'10", has an athlete's build, has a steady gaze, and is ruggedly handsome. Oftentimes he can be found swimming in the towns harbor. Staron is a font of knowledge about the weather, sailing, and agriculture.
    In the year 12882AC, while Mendenton suffered at the hands of an evil demon that had turned its populace to crows, Staron disappeared. Services are still held at his church, but they are now led by his disciples.