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Suday Tanreptikos

True Neutral Male Human
Level 1 Fighter
Level 2 Rogue

Status: Alive
Campaign Appearances:
        Virtue Sin Love

Suday is a short and muscular native of Hana with a body that would be stout, but is a bit too thin due to infrequent meals. His curly black hair hangs like a mop from his head. His face is perpetually smooth and not prone to growing a beard, giving him a youthful look.
    Suday use to help with a scam operation where he would take the curious on "educational tours" of the catacombs that litter the insides of the sepif. He would take such groups into the catacombs, put them to sleep with a colorless evaporative additive in his lamp oil, and then he and his friends would pick their pockets and leave them lost in the Sepif. By the time the victims had found their way out of the sepif, Suday and his friends would be long gone. To keep this operation running, they would move from one series of catacombs to the next with each passing day.
    Virtue Sin Love: Suday gave the adventuring party the same "tour" that he had given many times before, but things went wrong and though the party nearly succumbed to his friends tricks, they resisted. Two of Suday's accomplices were killed and Suday was captured. Wind took Suday back to the Monastery of the Shadowed Path and confined him there. After months of indoctrination and confinement, Suday slowly came to see Wind and the other members of the Shadowed Path as worthwhile acquaintences and he has begun considering becoming a member of the monastery.