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Pastor Ullena

Lawful Good Female Human
Level 13 Cleric of Arden

Str 7   Dex 6   Con 8   Int 14   Wis 17   Cha 16   Hit Points: 46

Status: Alive
Campaign Appearances:
        Cleansing Flame

This elderly priestess of Arden has long served the town of Mendenton. Ullena has been the head priestess for the church of Arden in Mendenton for over fourty years. She is quite wrinkled because of her great age. Ullena is perhaps one of the kindest people one could ever know and asks very little for her services, praising Arden with most every breath she draws. Ullena can almost always be found at the Church of the Life, so she calls her temple to Arden. Ullena never hesitates to help those in need. Many townsfolk have taken to calling her Grandmother Ullena.