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Proloriate Uoshok Valrisha

Male Silothreni

Status: Alive
Campaign Appearances:
        Virtue Sin Love

One of the nine Proloriates of the Gray Cabal, located in the sprawling city of Hana. Unlike many Silothreni who choose to live in the surface world, Uoshok does not stay on the surface world because he is unwelcome among his own people. He chooses to stay and has done so for more than eighty years, steadily climbing in power within the influential Gray Cabal. Although he corresponds with old Silothreni acquaintances of his past, Uoshok has firmly ensconced himself in the affairs of the surface world and has no intention of returning to his people for more than the occasional visit.
    Proloriate Valrisha is, like most of his kind, tall and quite thin. As is necessary for Silothreni who live above ground, he often garbs himself from head to toe in dark silk cloth, even wearing fine gloves and a veil across his face, to keep the sunlight from affecting him. He is most active at night, when such measures are unnecessary, and can often be found in his private chambers where he spends his time studying spirits and the creation of magical constructs.
    Uoshok is a private and quiet man, thoughtful and careful with his alliances. He maintains a detached regard for most members of the guild, particularly his inferiors, and his carefully kept emotions rarely betray his thoughts. Uoshok rarely sponsors Associates to the guild, preferring to contribute in other ways which maintain his position.