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Lord Utshiptra Mekelikos

True Neutral Male Human
Level 4 Cleric
Level 5 Aristocrat

Status: Alive
Campaign Appearances:
        Virtue Sin Love

(Uht ship truh. Meh Keh Lee kos.) A classically handsome, sculpture-bodied, dark haired man and priest of Chishleen and a well positioned member of the Guild of Coin in Hana. Utshiptra is fairly wealthy, though not on the same scale as a merchant prince. His home is on the Isle of Satras, though he is rarely there, spending most of his time in Nop-Haztno ("The Tent") and at the Guild of Coin guildhouse which sits between the Kithrapas sepif complex and the Road of Sampatha. Utshiptra is a frugal man, scrupulous in his dealings, dependable, lawful, and extremely cunning in the ways of trade, all traits that have served him well in his profession as a voting member of the Guild of Coin.
    Utshiptra typically dresses in luxurious white robes with a turban. His gold necklace with a oversized coin on it (decorated to depict many small coins on its surface from all different currencies), the sign of his station within the guild, is usually clearly visible. He has a thick handlebar "Yosmite Sam" moustache that he occasionally preens at. He is almost always attended by messengers. His hair is long, black and straight, but he never shows it in public or on formal occasions. He has the coloration of a local and the bearing of a prince.
    Though Utshiptra is a priest of Chishleen, he is a functionary and official rather than a preacher. He attends at a church on the Isle of Sepras where he fills the role of a senior elder of the church and as its treasurer. Though not a pastor, he is quite devoted and adulations of Chishleen frequent his speech, such as: "in Chishleen’s name, may his pure will lead us in contemplation", "In all things, may this be balanced by the enlightened hand of the Great Merchant", "Great Merchant willing, blessed be his travels", or "At the end of the road may our measure be pleasing to Chishleen, in whom all things are accounted for."