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Utyos oc Dafrajii

True Neutral Male Silothreni
Level 10 Wizard
Level 2 Warlock

Status: Alive
Campaign Appearances:
        Virtue Sin Love

Educated in the magical arts in a Silothreni academy, Utyos was a respectable student and member of his clan, deep in the Underhalls. His skill at cartography led him to work with a survey group, sent out to explore and find new caverns for Silothreni colonization. While on one such trip his group was captured by rival Shoi-kar Silothreni of the south. Imprisoned for almost a decade and deprived of his spell book, Utyos suffered as a slave-servant to his captors.
    Among his captors was a conjurer called Shekaretsiff, who dabbled in the summoning of dark powers to aid his clan in their struggle against other organized denizens of the Underhalls. Valued for his skill, but feared for his cruelty, lament of Shekaretsiff's death at the hands of one of his summonings was brief. As a final act of rebellion against the clan whose conjurer had summoned it, the demon sowed discontent among its members and by chance came upon Utyos. Recognizing the potential Utyos possessed, the creature offered him a pact of freedom and power in return for continued vengeance upon the family of Shekaretsiff. Seizing an opportunity to escape, Utyos agreed to the pact and within him awakened strange magical powers which he could use at a whim. The demon left and Utyos plotted his revenge for the murder of his friends and escape from imprisonment.
    Secretly he developed his powers until the right moment for escape offered itself. One night, the brother of Shekaretsiff, drunk from victory in battle, escorted Utyos back to the small and cramped cell where he spent his sleepless nights. While the two of them were alone, Utyos surprised the warrior, strangling him with his hands crackling witch-fire. Utyos left several other members of the celebrating clan dead as he fled from the caverns and out into the Underhalls, free once again.
    He wandered for weeks, lost, using his strange powers to capture food and keep away predators. After more than a month of wandering he emerged into sunlight. He had arrived at the surface world, stranded on an island with sparkling water as far as he could see surrounding him.
    Though the sun stung his flesh, life was easier with the warmth of the sun, the plentiful catch in the sea. Exhausted from his travels through the underworld, he sheltered himself and relaxed, then set about the slow task of fashioning leaves into a crude paper for a new spell book.
    For more than a year did Utyos live there upon the island until one day a passing merchant vessel beached itself on the island for repairs and discovered him. In return for his help scrubbing the ship-bottom, the captain offered him transport to the nearest mainland port, the city of Hana.
    Bewildered by the opportunities and freedoms of Hana, Utyos lived there for a year before it occurred to him to return to his wizardly studies. With time and persistence, he won the attention of the Gray Cabal and earned a position as Fellow.
    Forty years have passed since Utyos escaped from captivity. The powers of his pact have never left him and still whisper of darker secrets that might be his, however Utyos has returned to his original trade of magic. Over the last decade he has been particularly focused on illusory magics and learning the arts of storytelling.
    Utyos wears black robes from head to foot, thin cloth gloves, a turban, and veil over his face to protect himself from the burning sunlight. He is congenial, gracious, and politely spoken. He loves to listen to and tell stories. He lives in a small, private apartment just outside of the Gray Cabal.