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Prince Votos Rajaniish

Neutral Evil

Status: Alive
Campaign Appearances:
        Virtue Sin Love

A merchant prince of minor power and a member of the Silk Cartel in Hana. He is a handsome man with dark, straight hair, and the same olivine complexion as other locals of the Hanois Peninsula. Like many merchant princes, Rajaniish maintains a carefully constructed face for his business practices, using his power as a silk trader to hide his more covert business deals and plotting against the other merchant princes. Prince Rajaniish is the subject of many rumors, both for his unusual longevity of life, but also since keen observers note that his hands face the wrong direction. His palace is in the Shinveta complex. The colors of House Rajaniish are purple on black. The palace of Rajaniish is located in the Shinveta sepif complex of Hana.