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Wafiq the Thin

True Neutral Male Human
Level 1 Commoner

Status: Alive
Campaign Appearances:
        Virtue Sin Love

Wafiq the Thin is so named for his starved-thin bony body. His sallow cheeks and thin, unkept hair frame his pleading face and sunken brown eyes. His broken smile is his shield from scorn and he wears it often. Wafiq is uneducated, utterly impoverished, self-deprecating when necessary and ingratiating the rest of the time. He is slow, eats too much, but despite these shortcomings there is a certain charm about his ways and his presence is easy to tolerate, as long as one does not expect too much of him.
    Wafiq is a resident of Hana and recently he has been given shelter at the Four Pillars.