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Yadrimir the Blind

True Neutral Male Half-Galiadre
Level 1 Commoner

Str 5   Dex 4   Con 10   Int 13   Wis 15   Cha 23   Hit Points: 6

Status: Alive
Campaign Appearances:
        Virtue Sin Love

Though blind, deaf, and born into poverty, Yadrimir possesses some fame through-out the city of Hana for his unique gift.
    While he can neither see nor hear in the world where his body rests, Yadrimir's spirit fully experiences all the wonders of the Multiverse outside of the Material Plane. Essencially, he lives in two worlds at once. He can feel his corporeal body on the Material Plane and speak through it when he wishes, although his voice is strange since his body on the material plane has never heard speech before, but he fully experiences all senses wherever his spirit travels elsewhere. Unable to travel his spirit to the Material Plane and rejoin with his body, he spends his time flitting from plane to plane.
    Yadrimir's corporeal body is vulnerable to the frailties and dependencies of the flesh though. His body must still eat and drink, even though his mind may see elsewhere. His step-father, a lout of a man, has profited well by his bastard-son's talents; the coin goes a long ways to filling his belly with drink and his bed with prostitutes. Mostly he is cared for by his grandmother, a dirty penny-pinching hag of a woman, and Belda, his father's young slave-girl. They feed, clean, and cloth him; communicating to Yadrimir by drawing words in the palm of his hands.
    Yadrimir's above stats are those of his corporeal body. In other realms outside of the Material Plane he is known as Ynir the Swift, an incorporeal rogue (Rogue 8, Spymaster 6) who trades in information and is famed for his daring lifestyle. In game terms, Yadrimir's spirit (Ynir the Swift) can plane shift at will with precision to anywhere except within the Material Plane. The cause of this strange condition is a mystery.