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This campaign, set initially in the northwestern corner of Irendi, near the empires of Bethdezra, Maragash, and Dezeri, explores a variety of themes; principly that of young adventurers who become involved in the stories left unfinished by or which resulted from the actions of their ancestors. The rise of draconic influance is a strong sub-theme as it presents many conflicts for these old kingdoms, for relatively new deities, and for a setting just recently emerged from a devastating two years of supernatural winter. The year is 12913AC, roughly twenty years after the fall of the Torment of Slavery, Titalus. This campaign is also noteable for its lack of an alignment mechanism, increased ability score progression in lieu of stat enhancing items, and use of the Pathfinder edition of D&D.

Campaign Members

    Anya (Active)
    Dar'ash (Active)
    Jorsin (Active)
    Lazarus (Active)
    Teagan (Active)

Leaving Shirazandam for Ashrunar

This brief excerpt covers some important information that the party was given regarding sanctuary in the dangerous lands of Al-Taram and intelligence on where to find more information about a certain hidden temple that is holy to both the Black Order and the Bleak Cabal.