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Lawful Good Male Human
Level 1 Sorcerer
Level 6 Monk
Level 2 Dragon Descendant

Str 18   Dex 13   Con 10   Int 10   Wis 20   Cha 12   Hit Points: 58

Status: Dead

One of Grand Master Tyrosí students, an orphaned human who at one time was named Landlin Voss, has particular potential within the order of the Shadowed Path. When he was younger, he was self-trained in the arts of sorcery, and did ill with his talents out of desperation. He would use his talents to steal from the unwary and began to make the wrong kinds of friends. During one late night of mischief, he encountered the young, but skilled, apprentice Rain of Grand Master Tyros, who subdued him and took him back to his order for training and redemption. Finally finding his calling, Landlin was born anew as Apprentice Wind, and Tyros took an immediate liking to his devoted and disciplined new student. It took nearly two years to drive back the evil within Wind, but now he is finally ready to begin his first foray into the world as a new and whole person, and to seek out others that would need his aid in the eternal battle against evil.

Wind is a young human monk of the Shadowed Path. He has taken to his masterís strange, and yet peaceful, way of speaking and has learned the basic mental forms against evil. He also wears robes of gray, though of a darker shade than those of Tyros, representing how close he came to darkness. He is a young man of 25 years, comely, and with light brown hair and a short beard that he grew when he was reborn. Though he has trained in the martial fighting style of his order, he still makes use of his minor sorcerous talents when they will be of use.

His order shares a friendly and interdependent relationship with the church of Arden, less so with the Church of Lathidus.

In his youth he used his emerging powers to get food. Expeditious retreat to steal purses, ghost sound to help sneak out of the orphanage and so forth. His sorcerous powers manifested naturally and were kindled by association with a neighborhood tiefling thug called Anshul who also possessed sorcerous powers.

His early youth patron was the ward of the orphanage that he spent nights in.

Wind perished while he and his companions were exploring ancient ruins hidden beneath the fabled Well of Yneufael. Deep within the underground complex they had discovered a vast chamber containing half a dozen large mausoleums and a throne fit for a giant. Following a perilous encounter with a pair of undead death kiss beholder guardians, the party was quite hurt and their resources for the day were running out. Since opening the other mausoleums and looking upon their narthex had been without danger so far, they decided to chance one more. Wind and Ahnkor breached the lock which closed one of the mausoleums closest to the throne, setting off a trap of powerful electricity which greatly harmed Ahnkor, but which slew Wind outright.

Wind was known as a leader among men of peerless good hearts, for his discipline, and for being a voice of reason that could focus his companions goals.