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Apprentice Rain

Lawful Neutral Male Human
Level 4 Monk

Status: Alive
Campaign Appearances:
        Virtue Sin Love

Rain is a responsible student to his martial art. His physical strength and health are nearly matched by his almost shinto-like indulgence of the right of other beings to live in harmony with each other. He is a peace maker who seeks clarity though his art. Though far from attaining the rank of master, Rain is dedicated and has potential. He often condenses situations into simple poetry, drawing comparisons between the complexities of urban living to the realm of nature.
    He tries to dress simply and subsist with few possessions, but he still is attached to comforts of the world, so he struggles, unsure if he is ready to take an oath of poverty and waiting for further enlightenment. Rain is a local of Hana;; Olivine complexioned, aquiline featured, and with curly dark hair. He is easy going and friendly in demeanor.
    Virtue, Sin, Love: Rain is responsible for bringing Landlin into the Order of the Shadowed Path, where he found redemption and took the name Wind.