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A Glossary of Terms

A powerful Sithasi wizard, responsible for summoning Yeaolcroloth, a creature of great power that brought about his downfall.

Below, The:
Another term for the Mines. Those who make their dwelling there are often called ‘Lowers.

A sun colored red whose cycle lasts thirty-four earth-days. Brightest and largest of the three suns, it is used to mark the passing of a month.

Brolthysts (“Bloodies” or “Reds”):
A stone used for currency. Essentially rubies, but bicubic.

Priests that channel the power of spirits connected to the Near.

A sun colored blue whose cycle lasts four days. Smallest and least bright of the three suns, it is used to mark the passing of a day.

Citadel of Domination:
A enormous floating mass of slag, metal, and glass that floats over Sinordin. Created by the sorcerer Arterian to channel the power of lightning, it now used as the residence of Yeaolcroloth and its minions.

The name for a period of time during which all three suns are set. These times typically last from a couple hours to a couple of days. Sithasi insurgents occasionally have used this time to stage terror attacks against the populace and minions of Yeaolcroloth.

Days of Terror:
The time following the Summoning of Yeaolcroloth, during which Yeaolcroloth escaped from the Sithasi sorcerer Arterian, hid in the mines and Forge, and sent waves of minions to do battle against supporters of Arterian, damaging large sections of the city.

Desert of Ash and Glass:
A vast and nearly endless land plagued by electrical storms, baked beneath three suns, and swept by powerful winds. Its main composition is ash and glass that has been made by especially intense lightning storms. Occasional plains of lava pits and ruins interrupt the generally barren wasteland.

Emalinine (“Tears” or “Nine-stones”):
Semitransparent blue crystals with white inclusions within.

A sun colored white whose cycle lasts seven days. Small, like Cinder, but brighter, this sun is used to mark the passing of a week.

A drug that is burned and inhaled. Its effects are said to cause the inhalers mind to wander hither and yon in a detached state, mixed with pleasant hallucinations. A bad batch of this drug is said to cause its users to also divulge their secrets while under the effects of the drug – never to awaken.

Five Cities:
The cities which are in the Desert of Ash and Glass. They are called Drammerfoe, Malkadia, Vax Dimeon, Horrovault, and Sinordin

Sections of Sinordin where thousands of years of mining have lowered the floor of the city, and yet the city is built atop and over these areas by thousands of years of building. These areas are inhabited by the poor and the criminal.

Hated, The:
Living beings and constructs branded and banished or merely discarded to the dangerous and mostly uninhabited regions of Sinadin.

Iron Walls, The:
Great spiked walls constructed of steel materials and built thousands of feet tall by what ever progenitor race originally built the Five Cities.

A term used to denote those who live in the light of the three suns, not a person whose dwelling is in the Forge or Below

Near, The:
The Near is an “in between” place inhabited by spirits of various power. Gods and spirits are able to draw power from this dimension and then channel it to their followers at various levels of ability.

Rukite (“Rooks”):
A stone used for currency. Flat, durable, eight-sided opaque stones with a green coloring.

Sargenite (“Sarns”):
A stone used for currency. Orange stone that chips into flat crystals, yellow spurs.

A city built from metal and glass. One of five cities found in the Desert of Ash and Glass. Also known as the “Iron City.”

A race of serpentine creatures said to originate from beneath the Desert of Ash and Glass and to be the original rulers of Sinordin.

Thursinite (“Thurns”):
A stone used for currency. Chocolate brown cubic crystals with quartz within.

A demonic being of great power that rules over Sinordin. It’s appearance is that of a formless and twisting mass of tentacles that range in color from pale to marble black. Also known as the “Tentacled Lord”.