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Near Channeler Character Class

Near Channelers can be of any alignment, the Near Spirits are not picky about who they do business with. Charisma is an important ability score for Near Channelers as it influences how much energy they are able to channel from the Near.

Hit dice: d8

Spells: As per cleric character class, except that Near Channelers cast their spells spontaneously, like a Sorcerer. Thus, while they must spend an hour each day focusing their energies, they choose which spell they wish to cast at the time of casting. What spells they are able to cast depends on what kind of Near Spirits they have wooed the companionship of - see the text below for more about wooing Near Spirits.

Skills: As per cleric character class.

Armors and Weapons: Near Channelers are proficient in all light and medium armors. They are proficient with shields. Near Channelers are proficient in all simple weapons. Like clerics, Near Channelers do not suffer penalties to their spell casting while wearing armor.

Spell Restrictions: Channelers are limited to those areas of influence that their Near Spirit has access to. In general, a priest has 1 area of influence for every two character levels. A priest may exchange an area of influence for the ability to cast spells in an area he already has access to at one level lower. This option cannot be taken more than once for the same area of influence.
    Therefore, a priest who casts has access to Earth spells and Air spells can drop his ability to cast Air spells in exchange for the level his Earth spells becoming easier to cast by one level of difficulty.
    These areas of influence may come from multiple near spirits or from the same. A Near spirit can have N areas of influence for every 2^n levels itís Channelers possess. Thus a near spirit with two 4th level or one 8th level Channeler will have 3 areas of influence.

Turn/Control Near Animations: Near spirits have the ability to possess non-animate objects or bodies whose souls have been removed. A near channeler can either Turn or Control these animations. The choice must be made at the first level of Near Channeling that the character takes. This choice may only be changed at the loss of one Channeler level of experience. Use the cleric turning tables.

Bonus Languages: Once a Channeler has made contact and forged a contract with a Near Spirit, he is able to telepathically communicate with any willing Near Spirit. Most Near Spirits must be within sight of the Channeler to communicate, but more powerful ones can communicate over longer distances.

Extra Turn/Controlling: A Channeler may take this feat multiple times. Each time allowing the Channeler to turn or control four more times per day than normal.

The Near Contract: Channelers agree to use the power of Near Spirits to further the area of influence that their Near Spirits pursue, to spread the popularity of that Near Spirit, and to provide safe haven to their Near Spirit. In return they are granted the spell like powers. Breaking this contract can result in loss of that Near Spirit, and may also reduce the number of Near Spirits willing to work with that character.