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Campaign Setting and Map

The Map

Take a piece of paper, lay it sideways, draw a more or less straight line from the bottom left corner to the middle right side. In the middle of that line put a dot (just above the middle) and label it Southshore.
    About a inch or two north of that put another dot and label it Aldran. about two inches to the right of that put another one and call it Farshield. about two inches above Aldran (and a little to the right) put another dot and call it Journey Gate. Label the bottom half of the page the Sea of Dreams. Just to the left of Farshield draw a line that meanders more or less straight until it passes just to the left of Journey Gate. Label it the River Struse. Somewhere about an inch up and right from Farshield draw a mountain looking thing and call it "Dark Mountain". Draw a forest all around its bottom, left, and top-side all the way left to the edge of Journey Gate and around Farshield. Call it "The Forest."
    Now over on the left side draw some mountains in the lower left corner that go from the shoreline to the middle of the left side of the page. Call them the Dath-Nock Mountains and put a dot called Toran's Tear somewhere in them. about an inch north and a little left, still in the mountains should be a place called the Fortress of Stone. the top-left corner should be marked off (triangle like) and labeled The Disappearing Lands. Bdisappearingissapearing lands with two castles. Label the left one the Ruins of Caer Scaron, label the other Orcs Death. Stick a dot somewhere between Aldron and the Ruins of Caer Scaron put a place called Landgate.
    Thats the map.

General Knowledge

Every city you marked is human populated except for Toran's Tear and the Fortress of Stone.
    There are Humans, Hillfolk, and the hoards of orcs that are invading from the Disappearing Lands. All of you are humans and hillfolk, almost, one of you is not, hehe.
    The orcs invade from the Disappearing Lands under the control of evil beings called Dustmen. None of you have ever seen one and only know what they look like from rumor and campfire scary stories. but they can be invisible and they appear from nowhere like swirling mist and dust. The Disappearing Lands are a waste which slowly intrudes upon civilization.
    The Hillfolk are a shorter and longer lived folk. They mostly live in the mountains and their fortresses and keep to themselves. They are a naturally reclusive people with regard to how they deal with humans, but are masters of stone and gem craft, some even wield mystical powers over stone. It is only at the Fortress of Stone (also called Stone Heart by the Hillfolk) where humans and hillfolk work together to fight against the invading forces of the Dustmen and Orcs.
    The Humans are.... human. ya know?
    The lands are mostly plains and rugged, and trees are very rare, in fact, the only forest in this world is The Forest, which is said to be haunted, so very few go there.
    Looming over the eastern half of the place is the Dark Mountain, but one must brave the haunts and spirits of The Forest before they can fight the dangers of the Dark Mountain, where rumor tells, lay many ruins and abandoned mines from a day before memory, when it is said that Human and Hillfolk worked and lived together.
    The Sea of Dreams is called that because those who attempt to travel its waters encounter their worst fears and hallucinate, their boats lost to the waters, every crewman aboard turned insane. However, strangely enough, some people find being near the sea to be pleasantly euphoric.
    Magic is very rare in this world and is attracts a lot of attention wherever it is used.
    You will all be starting in Journey Gate.