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Player Handout: Serinda, Sorceress of Aldron


You grew up in Southshore, but in your youth you were plagued by strange events beyond explanation which often occured. Monsters crawling from under your bed, shadows that wouldn't go away, even in broad daylight, make- believe friends who would do mischief about the house, lollipops that never shrunk no matter how much you sucked.
    And there was the ocean, for you it was always singing, beautifully, loud then soft, and when you came near it the waters would glow a rainbow of colors visible for any to see, though no one could hear its singing. Your parents had a hard enough time keeping up with the strange occurances about the home, but when on a journey to the beach and the oceanside began to glow and call your name, they decided it was time to move inland. Even inland you could still hear the singin of the ocean, though far away, and strange things still happened, though not nearly as often.
    Once, a visiting gypsie came through town, and as soon as she saw you she gasped and "saw" of your power to use magic. She decieved your parents into thinking she could help you with your problems, and secretly taught you what she knew of magic.
    By the time your parents knew, she had moved on and you had gained control of your powers. Now of power and some fame, you wander the countryside seeking the woman who taught you.


Even as a child you were taller then most women, nearing six feet, but equally as beautiful and porportioned as tall you catch the eye of many, though your magic and height make you intimidating. Even as a child you were stronger and quicker then even some of the boys. (The rest is up to you.)


Ambitious, willful, and yet still a dreamer. Other then that, play her as you think she should be.


You have a dagger with you which your father showed you well how to use before you left home to adventure. You are also a skilled climber and fleet upon your feet and hands, making for a fast runner and a natural talent towards precise or graceful movements.


Choose the following:

3 Abjurations of level 4 or lower.
4 Alterations of level 3 or lower.
2 Enchantment/Charm of level 2 or lower.
3 Divinations of level 4 or lower.
3 Illusions of level 6 or lower.

Having chosen your spells you may not change them. No Invocations, Conjurations, or Necromancy. You may cast 10 spells a day. I will also keep track. Casting times of twice the level of the spell. Components are all special pearls which you must hold when casting. No Somatics, Minor verbal componants.


A dagger
1 gold, 8 copper, 12 half-copper.
15 black pearls (for spells).
A blanket
A backpack
A lamp, 1 oil flask
50' silk rope
Enough food
Small knife (1d2 dmg)
Clothes (of your design)
If you want something else, ok it with me.