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Player Handout: Thalas of The Forest

You are a spirit. The legendary spirits of The Forest are benevolent creatures to those who keep with nature, but scornful of those who spread waste. They have two forms, one is a formless spirit, the other very human-like. In The Forest they can assume either one freely, but away from it they can change from one to the other and back only twice a day. In spirit form they appear as harmless mist, in human form they may look however they wish.


As all spirits of The Forest, you awoke one day from an ancient tree (perhaps 1000 years old tree) and began your life. There are few of your kind, most are content to live their lives within the forest and make mischief upon the "living" races. You are a wanderer though and wish to know what lies beyond the shade of the tall trees of The Forest. When you met Timonas, a man well doing to the forest, you knew him to be a way to learn the customs of man and who could help you also explore beyond the Forest.


Compared to humans your assumed living flesh is rather delicate and easy to disperse with little more then a sword thrust. Though as a spirit you are very hard to hurt and only magic and cold may harm you then.


Mischievous, flighty, though a strong dislike of any who would foul the land is with you. You are about 180 winters old and still young at heart, perhaps slightly immature (as humans would be inclined to see your actions).


You have the power to assume human form and change back twice per day.
    You may cast any spell from the Priest Spheres of ANIMAL, CHARM, ELEMENTAL, PLANT and SUN up to 4th level.
    You have no skill in weapons.
    You have the fickle ability to communicate with trees or things which come from the forest. You have no control over this ability (sometimes it works, sometimes not, sometimes without asking.)


Timonas has given you a set of clothes (your description) a knife which you can't use, and 5 silver coins.